Stephen C. Ananian

A Fighter Pilot's Tale

I am constantly asked to relate various experiences and accounts of my flying days. These accounts were saved on my computer so as to make my life a little easier and make the articles available for future use. "A Fighter Pilot's Tale," the story of my life as a pilot, is the result. As time goes by and the requests continue to come in, this story keeps growing!

One hardship that I had in the service was my inability to attend Armenian religious services. The Armenian religion is similar to that of the Orthodox Catholic Church's. This had advantages since I therefore attended the church services of all religions including Jewish Synagogues. I therefore looked for other Armenians during the war so when I did meet two I wrote about it, since one pinned on my wings when I graduated the Army Air Force Aviation Academy and the other had such a sad ending!

I have also included some of my editorials from the newsletter since that expresses my feelings during my military life. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I loved living it.

Aviation is in my blood!

Upper five-four out! Steve Ananian

Ramrod to Munster

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